Yellowfin Tuna

42.0 x 59.4cm, Ink, 2020

Yellow fin Tuna are formidable fish, found across most oopen ocean water habitats on the globe. They are key predators in the open ocean food chains, descending in their carnivorous schools upon squid and small pelagic fish. Due to their high value as desired meat for sushi cuisine, they are fished in large quantities. Unlike some of the other members of the Tuna genus, the fishing of yellow fin tuna is still widely regarded as fished optimally, with issues particularly regarding bycatch during netting practices being slowly accounted for and improved. Farming of these fish has gained huge traction in recent years, as scientists are trying to close the life cycle (ie not rely on wild caught juveniles to stock the pens). One huge problem that remains with yellow fin tuna aquaculture however is the feed conversion rate: due to their carnivorous nature producing one good farmed fish relies on heavy exploitation of other wild stocks which in turn exacerbates the problem of overall overfishing instead of solving it.

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