Based in South Africa, Jessica Eggers is a pen and ink artist inspired by nature, the sea and in the sky. In her drawings she tries to capture some of life’s magnificence and to convey wonder by communicating the insights that she has gained through her experience as a marine science and fisheries management postgraduate.

Although not formally trained in the arts past secondary education, she has exhibited original works in Geneva, has published scientific illustrations for invertebrate classification and fish systematics, and sold original art and prints to customers from across the globe, including Australia, Europe, South America and the United States. Most recently one of her works has won the first prize in the art competition hosted by the International Seabed Authority and another infographic of hers was awarded the first prize in the Scientific Drawing category of the Festival International de Images de Natureza (FIIN).

Her intrinsic knowledge of the biology and ecology of the marine world and the precision and diligence inherent to the scientific discipline are apparent in the fine detail of her art, creating a mesmerizing coalescence of what it is to observe and to imagine.