(84.1 x 59.4 cm, Ink and Pen on Paper, 2021)

Jellyfish have always mesmerized me, the opaque and translucent play of their arms and hood and the sway of their tentacles, creating the pulsating rhythm of their movement. 

Chrysaora Jellyfish are known for the massive blooms that they can form, often corresponding to the waning and waxing of global climate cycles, such as the southern oscillation for this species, native to South America. 

It has been remarked on, however, that certain climatic conditions, created by humans, have driven increases in the frequency and the strength of the blooms. Jellyfish, weedy species as the nettle after which they are called, thrive in polluted and anoxic habitats that most other species must abandon or perish. Whether the future that we are creating is gelatinous remains to be seen, but there are certainly indications that they are a (aesthetically beautiful) problem that will be with us for a while to come.

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