An Illustrated ichthyology book.

Considering the ubiquity and diversity of fish on this planet, there is a lack of information in the public sphere about their role in fostering and maintaining marine biodiversity and their importance in the ecological balance. 

Art in science can help to communicate concepts or ideas that can otherwise remain within the jargon of academia or behind the paywalls of scientific journals. As the world is becoming more visual, it is crucial that we, as scientists or educators, reach everyday people in a medium that inspires and captures. The proposed book is a cross-over between a graphic novel and a textbook, a trojan horse so to speak, that packages entertaining and educating texts requiring only a basic understanding of biology within beautiful illustrations.  Its goal is to reach a wide public, highlight the importance of fish biodiversity, and to give the reader a greater insight into different fishes’ biology, their stories, and their behaviour. 

Fishes and their habitats continue to be endangered by the multifaceted threats of climate change, unsustainable fishing praxes, and habitat destruction and degradation. Increased awareness and understanding of these threats to biodiversity (in this case with a focus on fish) by the general population are necessary to increase the degree to which national and international policies reflect necessary conservation and sustainability goals. 

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